To glitter your eyes with bliss

I left everything

Your eyes of optimism,

Invariably embolden me

To accomplish the dream of your eyes

Was the ambition of my life

Eventually a day came

The reality of your eyes appears

Which was full of deception

And Innocence of my eyes broked

All my ambitions are threadbared

Now this world didn’t looks

Hued to my eyes

I am left with nothing

Now my eyes glitter with tears

Given by your eyes.


For me you were my diety,

My universe

I have seen this world

With your eyes

Your eyes were full of

Ambition and hopes for me

You always gave me warmness

From this cold world

But it all changes

On the day the I fell

When I fell for first time

You console me with disgrace

But it became abhorrent

When I fell again

Instead of support

You abandoned me

Now you are unable

To see my agony and griefs

The time I need you the most

Is the time you leave me alone

The eyes which once have hopes and love

Now only has complaints .

A Ray Of Light

You are a ray of light

Which can never reach to me

But still your shine

Makes me feel ecstactic

You think, you can fade away

Obscurity from my world

But your brightness is insufficient

To make it bright

Yet your presence is enough

To forget this for a while

I know, I can never hold you

But knowing you are in my side

Is ample to make me smile.



All the hopes, faded far away

Darkness surrounds all the way

There are only walls with no gate

Light of inspiration got lost

Expectations are shattered

Sorrows are together

All supports are broken

Own thoughts got blurred

Wills became worthless

Words are useless

All rights are wrong

Believes exist no more.

You know me

I believe you perceive me,

You understand me

Yet the veracity is never

I was unfailingly unknown to you

My eyes always screech quietly

Wants you to read them

My lips utter words stealthily

Wants you to hear them

Warmness of my hands

Wants you to feel my feelings

Even my uneven breathe

Wants you to fathom them

But you invariably fails

And you say you know me.